Herb Garden Plans for Beginners

Herb garden plans come in a number of choices, some are very common among gardeners. Regarding your choice, each plan comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Designing your herb garden plan needs not to be difficult, using a little herbal knowledge and common sense, this kind of task can be done by everyone. The question is, where should we start?

Learn How to Choose the Right Herbs

herb garden plans for beginnerYour first task in designing your own herb garden plan is to pick the right herbs. Have you ever wondered growing your own herbs where you can enjoy the convenience of having fresh herbs ? Sometimes, when we search on the internet, looking for a recipe, we often find some recipes that require the use of herbal ingredients. Would it better if you have these herbs at home thus you don’t need to purchase them anymore? When you need them, there is no need to go anywhere. Growing your own herbs is very rewarding and that’s why if you are still new in this activity, you can start some simple, basic things to design your own herb garden plans.

Knowing which herbs you want to grow will depend on several factors. Choose herbs that you often need from the recipe or remedy you need frequently. Some good examples are lemon balm and marjoram are often used as remedies for coughs and restlessness. If you love cook Mediterranean dishes, fresh basil and oregano would be your perfect choice. Catnip and sage would be another perfect example of herb that you can grow if you need something that can deal with your anxiety.

Picking the Best Growing Method

herb garden plans - individual potsOnce you have decided which herbs you want to grow, your next task is to choose the most suitable growing method. Planning your herb garden with containers is the most recommended, this is cost effective and easy to do. When you choose this growing method, make sure that you pick a pot that can accommodate your herbs. The pot used should enough space for your herb. Planting your herbs in the individual pot is also important. Buying pots for each type of herbs you have will be a smart idea. Although this will cost you more money but it is definitely worth the money. By doing this, you can rest assured that your chosen herbs will grow healthier.

Planting Your Herbs Outdoor

Is it possible to plant our herbs outdoor? Yes, you can do it if you wish to plant your herbs so that you can dry them and use them later, planting your herbs outdoor would be a good solution. Keep in mind that if you want to achieve a healthy garden of herbs, there are three elements that should be considered seriously, sun, water and soil. These elements will play an important role for the succeed of your garden of herbs. Overall, designing and maintaining your garden of herbs is relatively simple even if you don’t have any experience in gardening before.